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One of the most experienced and skilled Masters of fishing with North Country Spiders in the World today is OLIVER EDWARDS!

To learn from the best in respect of tackle set-up and casting by watching the master in action, I sincerely recommend that you consider his DVD - Wet Fly Fishing on Rivers - now just £14.75!

Oliver Edwards in action!

The DVD gives you a superb insight into the three main casting methods advocated by Oliver - "short line upstream", Oliver's "escalator" and the "across" method.

All three skills require some dexterity, plus an understanding of river craft. But, they're simple to master, and so much more effective than the basic "down and across".

Oliver also demonstrates the tying of a number of effective Spiders - all on offer in my online shop.

Take a look at the video HERE:


The DVD is superbly produced and runs for 1 hour, 45 minutes!

This DVD is one of a number of Essential Skills productions from Oliver Edwards - I would strongly suggest that you also take a look at the other DVDs including Volume 1 of the series - giving you an introduction to North Country Spider fishing.

To order, simply click on the image HERE ----->
(NOW JUST £14.75)

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