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This index should help you in finding what you want from the site quickly. All links open in new windows so that you can keep the index open whilst browsing. 

I have grouped various patterns together (such as Black Spiders) rather than listing every single pattern - clicking on such an entry will open a new window with all those patterns displayed.

If you are searching for a pattern that does not appear in the online shop, please do not hesitate to contact me. (See my "Bespoke Tying Service")


About Spiders
Accessory Selections
Adams - Para Style
All Patterns
Ammonite Nymph
Baetis Nymph (Oliver Edwards)
Balloon Caddis
Black & Peacock Spiders
Black Gnat
Black Pennells
Black Spiders
Bracken Clock
Brassie Spider
Brown Owl (Edmonds & Lee - 1916)
Cased Caddis - Oliver Edwards
Caddis Patterns
CDC & Elk
CDC & Elk Daddy
CDC Spiders
Clyde Patterns
Contact Me
Crane Fly
Crimson Waterhen
Czech Nymphs
Daddy Long Legs
Dark Moorgame
Dark Needle (Edmonds & Lee - 1916)
Dark Watchet
Deer Hair Emerger (Bob Wyatt)
Deer Hair Sedge (Bob Wyatt)
Design & Materials
Dirty Duster
Double Badger
Dry Flies
Duck Grease - Floatant
Elk Hair Caddis
Endrick Spider
F Flies
Fly Boxes
Flytying materials
Footprint Dun (Oliver Edwards)
Fullers Earth
Funneldun - Neil Patterson
Furled Leaders
Go Fishing
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Spider
Grannom Patterns  
Grayling Flies
Grayling Witch
Greenwell's Glory - Para Style
Greenwells Spider
Grey Duster
Griffith's Gnat
Grouse & Claret
Hare's Lug & Plover
Hawthorn Fly
Heather Fly
Heptagenid Nymph (Oliver Edwards)
History of North Country Spiders
Holographic Spiders
Hotspot Spiders
How to fish Spiders
Hydropsyche Larva (Oliver Edwards)
Instructional DVDs
Iron Blue Spider (Iron Blue Dun)
Jax Murray
John Goddard

Killer Bug (Frank Sawyer)
Knotted Leaders
Leckford Professor
Light Spanish Needle
Little Black
Lurex Spider
March Brown (Edmonds & Lee - 1916)
Micro Patterns
Monthly Guide

Nigel's Sparkle Spiders
Old Master
Olive Bloa Spiders
Oliver Edwards Patterns
Online Shop
Paradun (Oliver Edwards)
Partridge & Green Patterns
Partridge & Orange Patterns
Partridge & Red Patterns
Partridge & Yellow Patterns
Pheasant Tail Nymph (Gold Head) (PTN)
Pheasant Tail Spider
Pink Spider - "Fashion Disaster"
Pink Spider - "Pink Lady"
Prestige Selection
Red Tag
Rhyacophilia Larva - Oliver Edwards
Rhyacophilia Larva (Swimming) - Oliver Edwards
RODSafe - rod protection
Roughies xxx (Click here to read more about Jax Murray)
Sandy Moorgame
Sculpin (Roman Moser)
Seasonal Guide
Selection Sets
Snappy Poodle
Snipe & Purple Patterns
Snipe Bloa (T.E.PRITT - 1885/6)
Soft Hackle Woolly Worm
Sparkle Dun
Spinner Patterns

Spring Black
Starling Bloa
Stewart Spiders
Stillwater Patterns
Streamer Patterns
Sturdy's Fancy
Super Grizzly Emerger
Tippet material

Treacle Parkin
Tummel/Clyde Style Spiders
Tups Indispensable
Waterhen & Red
Waterhen Bloa
Wet Flies
Winter Brown Spiders
Woodcock & Green Patterns
Woolly Worm
Yellow Spider

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